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What is Direct Primary Care?

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Affordable, Simple, Genius. 

At Lyndsay Health we believe that your healthcare is best managed in a direct relationship with your Primary Care Provider, where your care is not dictated by Insurance companies and financial constraints.  We are committed to providing you with exceptional healthcare and transparent, economical pricing options. Learn more about what makes us unique by getting in touch with a member of our medical staff.

Girl at the Pediatrician

Mission Statement

Personalized Healthcare

We aim to treat each patient with the highest level of respect. We want our patients to feel that they are truly cared for, that their questions are answered, and their concerns are addressed at every visit. We will strive to personalize your healthcare experience to meet your individual healthcare needs. Most importantly, we want to promote health. When you walk through our doors, we want you to know that you’re in good hands, and that we will do everything possible to care for you.

Happy Senior Couple

Recognized Values

Health & Healing

Lyndsay Health is committed to enhancing patient care through exceptional service and deeply rooted values. We are fueled by patience, integrity, and empowerment, and believe in giving each of our patients a personalized healthcare experience. Lyndsay Health is a Nurse Practitioner directed Primary Care Practice, with the expertise to serve you and your family with quality healthcare.

Doctor's Visit
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