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What does Direct Primary Care Mean?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a direct relationship with your provider without the burden of Insurance companies dictating the care your provider can give you. DPC allows you and your Provider to decide what care is best for you, and gives you access to healthcare services at a cost that is affordable and transparent. 

What does my membership include

A Direct Primary Care Membership with Lyndsay Health includes access to your provider when you need it. You will be able to call, text, or email your provider directly. Your membership includes an annual Physical exam and follow up visits. Unlimited visits for illness, injury, or new concerns that may arise. Your membership covers in office testing as needed. 

Does Direct Primary Care replace my insurance plan?

Direct Primary Care is not insurance. Direct Primary care is a personal and financial agreement between you and the provider. However because of the economical benefit of the membership, you may be able to change your insurance to a high deductible plan that covers hospitalization and catastrophic illness. 

Can I use Medicaid, Medicare, Or other insurance at Lyndsay Health?

No. Direct Primary Care (DPC) providers do not work with Insurance companies. That is the basis of the DPC model of care. Because they don't deal with health insurance paperwork or bureaucracy, DPC facilities spend less time and money on administrative tasks. This means more time with your provider and cost savings passed on to you. 

How long will I have to wait to see the Provider?

We strive to provide same day or next business day visits. When you arrive at our office you will have no wait time, or minimal wait time because we understand how valuable your time is. Your membership provides you with access to your provider via text, phone, and email for after hour concerns as well. At Lyndsay Health we limit the number of members we have to make sure each member will always have timely access to the Provider. 

Does Lyndsay Health provide Telehealth?

Yes! Once you have had your first in-person office visit, then if it's appropriate, you can access care via text, phone, email or video chat. It is really that easy.

Do you see kids in your office

Yes, we sure do. Our Provider is a Family Nurse Practitioner and can provide care to people of all ages. Until your child is 12, you should keep your Pediatrician, however we are here for urgent, sick and injured needs when you can't see your Pediatrician. After your child is 13, we can provide full Direct Primary Care services. 

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